Seahawks are causing a traffic jam on the already crowded 405 freeway


The Seattle Seahawks on their way to Washington, but they’re causing commotion on the pathway up. 

The Seattle Seahawks are hoping to make a run at the postseason this weekend. With Week 15 on the rise, the team will travel to Washington D.C. to face the nameless Football Team in a showdown that could send them back to the postseason.

The NFC playoff picture is already packed with multiple contenders. More than that, the NFC has three teams all still in the running for first place and two for the first-round bye.

Let’s just say it’s a jam-packed journey to the postseason. However, the Seahawks took it a step further on Friday night.

During their travel arrangements to the airport, Seattle was caught trying to head up the 405 freeway. Naturally, anyone who has followed a team understands they take priority on the bus towards both the airport and stadium on departure and arrival.

At least that explained the massive traffic jam on one of the busiest highways in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle has a chance to ease up the playoff picture

Seattle’s defense has been the storyline in the second half of the season. With the addition of Carlos Dunlap and healthy safety Jamal Adams, the Seahawks have rebounded into one of the stronger teams in the NFC race.

Should Seattle win on the road, they would clinch a playoff spot. If they lose and the Rams win, it would still give Los Angeles a game and a half lead in the division. Seattle could also clinch if the Bears-Vikings game ends in a tie.

Russell Wilson is gearing up to make a comeback in the MVP race after struggling the past three weeks. After a hot start in what looked to be his season, the veteran gunslinger now likely ranks third behind Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes.

Could this be the week he rebounds back?

The Seahawks have a chance to take control of the division for their own. Perhaps this isn’t the only thing Seattle jams up this weekend.

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