Rumors surrounding Jets head coach Adam Gase heading into Week 14


To the delight of many Jets fans and even players, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was fired after Week 13. This, of course, was after calling a “zero coverage” on an obvious Hail Mary play in their game vs. the Raiders. However, the bigger question remains — when will New York Jets head coach Adam Gase be fired?

On the most recent episode of the Draft Insiders Podcast (see video clip above), Pro Football Network Insider Tony Pauline gave the scoop on what he has heard regarding Williams’ firing, Adam Gase’s status, and what the Jets are looking for in a new head coach in 2021.

No tears shed in the Jets locker room after Adam Gase fired Gregg Williams

Before Pauline talked about Gase and the Jets’ plans, he had the scoop on the fallout from Williams’ firing. You may remember that cornerback Marcus Maye spoke out after the Jets’ loss to the Raiders. Speaking to reporters in the locker room, he said that the game’s final play call was horrible. The day after, Adam Gase fired Williams.

But were Jets’ defensive players upset with the move? According to what Pauline has heard, no one in the locker room was livid that he was fired. In fact, there were no figurative or literal tears shed.

This ends a rocky tenure in New York where Williams clashed with several players, including safety Jamal Adams, who was controversially traded to the Seattle Seahawks before the 2020 NFL season.

Adam Gase will be fired as head coach for the second time in four years

Since nearly the beginning of the 2020 season, Pauline has been reporting that Gase was on thin ice, and barring a playoff run, he would be shown the door at the end of the season. As losses continued to mount throughout the year, Pauline reiterated this fact.

And earlier this week on the Draft Insiders podcast, Pauline, who is bald, said that he has a better chance of waking up with a full head of hair than Adam Gase does of coaching the Jets in 2021.

That means that Adam Gase — who was the head coach of the Miami Dolphins from 2016-2019 before being fired — now appears destined to be out of his second head coaching job in the span of four years. It’s likely the end of the head coaching road for Gase, who had climbed the NFL coaching ladder for over ten years before landing his first head coaching gig.

This includes early stops with the Detroit Lions (quarterbacks coach) and San Francisco 49ers (offensive assistant). He also spent time with the Denver Broncos as wide receivers coach and offensive coordinator. And before he got his first head coaching job, he was the Chicago Bears’ offensive coordinator.

So, what’s next for Adam Gase and his coaching career? Perhaps he’ll receive another rave review from Peyton Manning, who he coached in Denver. Maybe he will find a spot on Alabama’s staff with Nick Saban, who he has a relationship with. But more than likely, he’ll be an NFL offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach if he doesn’t sit out 2021.

Who will be the next head coach of the New York Jets?

Pauline shared information on what the Jets are looking for once they move on from Adam Gase.

“I had a conversation with an incredible source who said that Jets GM Joe Douglas would get the job done if he’s given a chance. That doesn’t mean he’s going to be fired — he’s not going to be fired — but what I’m hearing is that the Jets are going to look for an alpha dog head coach. They’re going to be looking for a big name — a strong personality — rather than someone like a Joe Brady type.”

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Co-host Andy Herman then asked Pauline if high profile head coaches would be attracted to this job. Herman mentioned that the Jets could draft a top quarterback, despite already having Sam Darnold on the roster. They’ll also have some pieces they can build around. Pauline responded that it would come down to how involved the owners would want to be in the franchise’s day-to-day decision-making.

What’s next for the Jets?

Barring Adam Gase completely losing the locker room over the next three weeks, he will be fired after Week 17. From there, Douglas will lead the search for a new head coach with the Jets ownership. Being in a position to draft a quarterback, one could assume they will go after an offensive-minded head coach. But as we know, it’s the Jets, which means we should expect the unexpected.

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