Jeff Saturday says Rex Ryan is ‘high’ for saying Packers better than Chiefs


Jeff Saturday couldn’t even handle the concept of Rex Ryan saying the Packers are better than the Chiefs.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the defending Super Bowl champions and are once again title favorites as the top seed in the AFC. That is not an opinion, but a given fact.

That is why some eyebrows were raised when Rex Ryan appeared on ESPN and said the Green Bay Packers may actually be better. Jeff Saturday couldn’t even handle that idea.

Chiefs have the best record in football

The Chiefs enter Week 17 with a 14-1 record while the Packers sit at 12-3. Kansas City is also riding a 10-game winning streak.

It is fair to say the Packers are one of the NFL’s top teams. But it is also fair for Saturday to ask about Ryan’s mental state if he thinks the Packers are definitively better.

Saturday’s main points have to do with the Chiefs going all over the NFL and taking care of business in 2020. That includes wins at Buffalo, at Tampa Bay and at New Orleans, to name a few. The only misstep came at home against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Packers got destroyed on the road in Tampa and also suffered a home loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Aaron Rodgers may edge out Patrick Mahomes in MVP voting, but that doesn’t somehow make his team better.

Green Bay could in fact have what it takes to win it all this year and even take down the Chiefs to do so. It is just hard to say they are clearly a better team than the 14-1 Chiefs, whose only loss came in a game where they still scored 32 points.

Of course, people like Ryan tend to say things for attention and ratings. Saying crazy things also allows his colleagues to make it into a storyline, giving everyone something to talk about in an endless cycle.

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