T.Y. Hilton Landing Spots: Potential suitors for Colts WR


After a resurgence in his NFL career at the end of the 2020 season, where are T.Y. Hilton’s potential landing spots in free agency? Hilton is looking to make a potential splash for what could be one of his last contracts.

T.Y. Hilton Landing Spots

Coming off the back of a strong second half of the 2020 season, where are the juiciest landing spots for T.Y. Hilton in free agency?

Indianapolis Colts

After a reasonably slow start to the season, T.Y. Hilton finished the season strongly with 511 receiving yards in the final eight games of the season. Therefore, he gave a clear indication to the Colts that he is not yet finished as a receiving threat. With a new QB in Carson Wentz, could the Colts keep their long-time top receiver around?

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins need to find a receiver who can help out their rookie QB. That would make this landing spot an ideal one for T.Y. Hilton, who can use his experience and speed to create space. The Dolphins need to add a game-breaking receiver this offseason, and Hilton could be the guy at a slightly lower than top-tier price.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are another team who need to bring in a veteran receiver to help their young QB. As good as Marquise Brown is, the Browns need another WR who will command the defense’s respect. Hilton could do exactly that, opening up opportunities for the other Ravens pass catchers.

Chicago Bears

The Bears have given Allen Robinson the franchise tag, but they need to plan beyond that short-term solution. Assuming they cannot convince Robinson to sign long-term, they will need to look at other receivers who provide veteran talent to the receiving corps.

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The Bears are an ideal landing spot for T.Y. Hilton — he can play as second fiddle to Robinson in 2020 and serve as the steady veteran presence for the Bears if they allow Robinson to leave next offseason.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are in dire need of some solid, consistent production from their wide receiver room. They have just released DeSean Jackson and look set to release Alshon Jeffery as well. Therefore, they need to bring in someone who can be a veteran presence and present a deep option.

New York Jets

Regardless of who is under center for the New York Jets, they need more weapons. Jamison Crowder provides an excellent weapon out of the slot. Denzel Mims is a decent weapon on the outside. Still, the Jets could bolster the WR depth with another veteran receiver to support their young QB.

What is T.Y. Hilton’s market value in free agency?

Spotrac compares the potential deal that T.Y. Hilton could sign at his potential landing spots similar to DeSean Jackson, Golden Tate, Emmanuel Sanders, and Randall Cobb. Those four averaged $9.7 million per year with an average length of three years. Their average age at signing was 31 — the same age that Hilton is now.

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As such, Spotrac has Hilton projected for a $10.1 million average value across three seasons. A three-year, $30 million contract seems around Hilton’s market value at this point in his career.

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