Rams acquisition of Matthew Stafford proves 2021 is an all-in season for LA


Matthew Stafford is now Ram, meaning Los Angeles  is now all-in for next season. 

Just when Sean McVay couldn’t get any crazier, the NFL offseason just turned nuclear.

The Los Angeles Rams have traded away their first-round pick in 2022 and 2023, along with former franchise quarterback Jared Goff to the Detroit Lions for Matthew Stafford. The Lions will also garner a third-round pick from the deal.

It just seems like yesterday Los Angeles was trading away multiple first-round picks to get Goff. Now, they’re trading away those same picks in a new year to get him out of Los Angeles. More than that, there’s a new sheriff in town that finally feels like he’s on a winning team.

The Rams were far from bad with Goff, but everything felt limited. His passer rating was never over 111 and his throws were limited beyond belief deeper than seven yards per play. Meanwhile, Stafford is the lost gem that is finally shined and ready for action.

For McVay, this is a home-run addition to his offense to function properly. It’s also the biggest risk of both their careers. At 32 and still having several strong years left, Stafford needs to hit in 2021.

The Rams window is open next season, they must capitalize early before it’s too late.

Can the Rams win it all in 2021?

Stafford’s addition now frees up the Rams to sign several free agents to the offensive line and arsenal. The run game should expand with a second season under Cam Akers and the team has three quality weapons in Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and Tyler Higbee.

The real storyline is on the defense. Los Angeles will return seven starters at the moment from the No.1 ranked defense and could return more should they resign names like Troy Hill, John Johnson III and Leonard Floyd. Raheem Morris, a top defensive coordinator and well-respected name, will replace Brandon Staley in calling the shots.

The team features standouts like Jalen Ramsey in coverage and Aaron Donald in the pass rush. They also ranked top-three in sacks and just outside the top 10 in turnovers. And with Donald’s and Ramsey’s contracts extending over the next few seasons, the cap will become tighter by the second.

But hey, Snead freed himself on the Goff deal right?

Stafford is coming off a season with limited weapons in which he threw for over 4,000 yards and 26 touchdowns. The Rams offensive line will bide his protection. The weapons? Those touchdown numbers should skyrocket should everyone remain healthy.

Eventually, the salary cap will take control, meaning 2021 is the year where it all has to hit. The offense needs to be on point. The defense will remain strong. Stafford becomes the next star in the City of Angels.

Once upon a time in Hollywood, Snead and McVay found their answer under center. However, Stafford has to hit next season or it could be all for nothing.

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