Panthers having conversations about moving back in NFL Draft


The Panthers may end up trading back from the No. 8 overall pick in the NFL Draft later this month.

The Carolina Panthers made their big move of the offseason by trading for Sam Darnold. Any talk of the team potentially drafting a quarterback with the No. 8 overall pick quickly faded away.

We are now just over one week away from the 2021 NFL Draft and that means rumors are flying around at a rapid pace. The latest comes from ESPN’s Adam Schefter as he explains the Panthers are considering moving out of the No. 8 spot.

Panthers potentially trading out of the No. 8 slot

The Panthers may be able to take advantage of what appears to be one of the better quarterback classes in some time. A team may still feel they can get their guy at pick No. 8 and the Panthers could bring in a nice haul by only moving back a few slots.

A draft that could see four or five quarterbacks off the board early also means the talent at every other position will slide down the board. So if the Panthers want a top edge rusher or even a top offensive lineman to protect Darnold, that elite talent should move down the board past the top 10.

It is nearly impossible to know what is truth and what is a rumor this time of year. The Panthers could have easily leaked out this information to Schefter in order to receive better offers for that No. 8 pick. A team with their sights set on that pick may now feel the pressure to up the ante.

This time of year is always fun. Teams just want to make sure they don’t look back and regret not taking a top talent who was right there during their original draft slot.

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