New England Patriots fans are officially done with Cam Newton


The Patriots’ long playoff streak is over. It’s safe to say New England fans on social media blame Cam Newton for that unfortunate reality. 

Signing Cam Newton in free agency was a gamble by the Patriots. Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins officially made that gamble a failure by New England’s front office. Suffice it to say, Patriots fans on Twitter are tired of watching Newton struggle under center for their favorite team.

Most are anxious to see head coach Bill Belichick give someone else a shot to lead the team’s offense. Jarrett Stidham was originally slated to be the team’s starter before Newton was signed late in the offseason. Monday night’s matchup against the Bills might not be the ideal time to throw Stidham into the fire, but Patriots fans aren’t interested in watching Newton play any more.

Don’t expect Belichick to be swayed by fan opinion. He’s going to do what he believes is best for his team no matter what. It’s still interesting to see what Patriots fans on social media have to say.

Some seem ready to crown Stidham as the team’s quarterback of the future

More objective sources don’t put all the blame on Newton, but still believe starting Stidham is the right course moving forward. After all, how else will New England really be able to evaluate what Stidham can offer before the offseason arrives?

There are a few fans who seem to believe that things would be even worse for the Patriots without Newton this season. It’s a vocal minority but those fans do exist.

The most accurate assessment about the Patriots’ quarterback room might be that wholesale changes are required. Neither Newton nor Stidham really projects to be an above-average starter in 2021. Is it finally time for New England to spend a high draft pick on a quarterback?

It’s really no surprise that Patriots fans aren’t taking the news that they’ll finally miss the playoffs well. The end of an era is always difficult. That’s precisely what’s happening New England at the moment.

Whether Newton or Stidham starts next week really won’t impact the franchise’s long-term future. Big changes are coming to Belichick’s squad. Finding a new starting quarterback will be the Patriots’ top priority this offseason.

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