Derrick Henry won all his fantasy matchups in wild half vs. Colts


Derrick Henry is a Frankenstein-like monster built by a mad scientist in Nashville, with the sole purpose of running over opposing defenders.

Henry has single-handedly won a number of fantasy football games this week, and it’s only the first half on the Sunday 1 p.m. games. The Alabama product is the centerpiece of the Tennessee Titans offense, but he’s so much more than advertised. Henry is so physically gifted, with the endurance of a racehorse that most of us could only dream of achieving. As the days get colder, and the NFL games loom larger, Henry runs just as he does Week 1 while opposing defenders fail to match up with his competitive nature.

The result of such madness — such indisputable sports science greatness — is a runaway freight train, and the Indianapolis Colts were victims on Sunday afternoon, tied to the tracks in an old, back and white movie we’ve seen before.

Henry is the ideal fantasy football running back

With the fantasy playoffs right around the corner, is there any player an owner would rather possess than Henry? As was the case last year in the Titans run to the AFC Championship Game, Henry’s game becomes more impactful in the later months. Unfavorable outdoor conditions favor only him, and the Titans don’t shy away from running him into the dirt.

Henry is physically imposing, and his offseason conditioning is among the most rigorous in the NFL. It pays off in November, December and potentially February, should the Titans reach their ultimate goal of the reaching the Super Bowl.

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