Golf Business News – GCQuad proves an all-round hit with world’s top pros


At the 2021 Masters, Foresight Sports’ GCQuad launch monitor was used by more than 40 players on the driving range and out on the Augusta’s tee boxes and fairways as they prepared for the year’s first major.

That group included 10 past champions, 18 major championship winners and nine of the top 10 players in the world.

The general consensus has been that Foresight Sports camera-based launch monitors are the gold standard for indoor golf, while doppler radar technology units are preferred outdoors for full flight set-ups. However, from the evidence of the number of tour player using their GCQuad for their outdoor practice it seems that camera-based launch monitors are ideal for use in all situations.

Forersight Sports’ James MacCaig said: “The common misconception that ‘flight tracking’ launch monitors must be the better option outdoors, just because they follow the ball flight is simply not the case – it depends what data the user wants. Of course, there is no question that the major strength of the radar launch monitors is that they can track the flight of the golf ball and report where and how far it went. That flight tracking includes the effect the weather had on the landing point.

He added: “The GCQuad provides ‘pure’ data, showing exactly what the golfer caused the ball to do, without the influence of downrange conditions such as wind. This provides huge advantages when looking to isolate a swing fault or comparing data from one session to the next.  

“The question is then whether the player wants to know what they are causing the ball to do or, whether they want to know how they, combined with current conditions are causing the ball to fly. There are situations where both could be used but when it comes to isolating the player themselves, removing outside variables and comparing sessions; the closed data from the GCQuad is proving to be the clear choice. 

“This directly measured, ‘closed’, ball data is why we now see so many of the top tour players trusting the GCQuad, evidenced at the Masters. They know that it provides them with pure, measured data that remains consistent on the driving range, at home, and on the golf course.”

For more information about how the GCQuad measures and why it is used outdoors, click here.

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