Man United and Man City on Top of the League –


Premier League fixture 18

The half-way point has been reached in the Premier League. After a phenomenal start, the champions Liverpool slowed down winning only one of their last five games (1W – 3D – 1L). Liverpool FC sits at 4th place with 34 points. Meanwhile Man United and Man City and Leicester City have leapfrogged the best team from last season to top the first three places in the table. 

City quiet favorites

Man City started the season slowly losing to Liverpool and Man United, their only two losses. The Cityzens only had won 5 out of their first 12 games. They won their last five and conceded just one goal in their current five-game winning streak. With Man United, they have been the best two teams in the league thus far. 

United coach Solskjaer on the 0-0 draw at Liverpool:

“I’ve got to be honest to say I’m a bit disappointed at the moment, but still you know you’re playing against a fantastic team and they had more of the possession. But still you want to go here and you know the injuries they’ve had lately, you think you go here and get a result. We didn’t, but a point might be okay if we win the next one.”

City coach Guardiola on the winning streak:

“We fought a lot to be up there like many clubs and we will have to fight a lot to stay there. It is a weird season. Everyone can beat everyone and it is difficult every game. I am happy for the players. It was a good performance, another win and three points.

The guys behind do not make a mistake. They are so consistent. Last season it happened many times that the opponents didn’t do anything and we gave goals away.

This season we have improved a lot. We concede few and the quality of players up front make a difference. The managers can help many, many things, but the one thing we can’t is the talent up front. We are incredibly fortunate and lucky to be in charge with these kinds of players who make your life easier.

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