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Football betting is now popular with many players and participants regularly, but to ensure that the betting process will be safe, fast, and easy, you need to choose a top reputation bookmaker.

In today’s article, We will introduce you to a highly rated bookmaker and this is a bookmaker specializing in football betting VN88. Find out more about the Vn88 football betting bookmaker through the article below!

Football Betting VN88 Bookmaker

Vn88 is one of the reputable online football betting bookmakers in the Asia market. With smart design, interface and layout arranged scientifically, Vn88 quickly won the hearts of players right from the first visit. Not only that, with eye-catching images, vivid sound, Vn88 promises to bring players the best experience.

Vn88 football betting bookmaker has been on the market since 2019 and owns a legal operating license licensed by the Philippine government. Since operating on the market, the Vn88 bookmaker has gradually affirmed its name and prestige in the Asia market with strict regulations, conditions, and clear terms. 

In addition, players can quickly discover interesting games with many valuable prizes at VN88. Especially a quality sports betting platform with many popular sports such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis,… Currently, Vn88 provides players with many sports halls, such as:

  • E-sports
  • A-sports
  • X-sports
  • WB-sports
  • Fantasy sports.

Moreover, the Vn88 bookmaker always updates the new, fastest, and most accurate football betting odds. Therefore, players can refer to and choose the appropriate types of bets when participating in betting on their favorite matches. Some popular types of handicap on the bookmaker handicap table such as: Asian Handicap, 1×2 odds, over under, corner bets, …

Instructions For Joining Football Betting at Vn88 Bookmaker

Step 1: Access the Vn88 bookmaker

Log in to your Vn88 account. If you are a new player, please register an account, make a deposit before participating in betting.

Step 2: Select SPORTS

At the homepage interface, select SPORTS-> choose your betting platform

  • E-sports
  • A-sports
  • X-sports
  • WB-sports
  • Fantasy sports.

Step 3: Place a bet

After completing the above steps, you will see a table with many types of bets and football odds. Choose your favorite match and the appropriate bet type, then start placing your bets!

Attractive Football Betting Promotions at Vn88

100% Welcome Bonus When Participating At E-Sports

Vn88’s hot promotion program is for all new members to bet at E-Sports with a value of up to 1,500$. To participate in this promotion, players need to ensure that they have at least 200$ in the main account, then transfer from the main fund to the E-Sports sub-fund and enter the promotion code. The bonus will be automatically credited to your E-sports account.

The program is applicable to Vn88 members participating in betting at E-sports, A-sports, and X-sports platforms, including football betting. Based on the total amount of valid bets at sports betting products, players will automatically receive daily cashback at the rate of up to 0.3%. This program does not limit the amount of refund for all Vn88 members.

10% Daily Reload Bonus at E-Sports

This promotion applies to all members at Vn88 when participating in betting on E-Sports products. To receive this promotion, players must deposit a minimum of 200$ per day, then you will immediately receive a 10% reload bonus with a value of up to 500$. However, each member is only entitled to receive the bonus once/day on a successful deposit transaction.


Above are the things you need to know about the Vn88 football bookmaker. Hopefully, with these shares, you have been able to better understand this bookmaker as well as the know-how to easily participate in betting at interesting football tournaments in Vn88 with the opportunity to receive extremely hot promotions. Visit Vn88 today to start discovering exciting matches today!

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