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James Ellisor

James Ellisor

Sporting Clube de Portugal – LisboaSport Lisboa Benfica and FC PortoImortal Luzigas Albufeira will be the last 4 to take “the chair dance” on the semi-finals. After easy games on the quarter finals (with the exception of Sport Lisboa BenficaU.D. Oliveirense wich was completed with very close games), this four treams will start their way into the finals today. On the first series, Sporting Clube de Portugal Lisboa is the favorite due to the results both teams had on their regular season games. Both teams are completely differents, and that can bring tough and close games, because if Sporting Clube de Portugal Lisboa is better playing defense, Sport Lisboa Benfica shows it’s upmost while attacking.Each team is trying to present their rosters complete to these games, but Micah Downs (203-F-86, college: Gonzaga) in Sporting Clube de Portugal Lisboa and Quincy Miller-Scott (206-F-92, college: Baylor) in Sport Lisboa Benfica are suffering with some injuries and since both are important players for each team , if any (or even both) cannot play things can get unbalanced at the end of each game, certainly every game will be decided on minor details. Travante Williams (197-F-93, college: Alaska, agency: Duran International), James Ellisor (195-F-90, college: Bemidji St.) and John Fields (205-F/C-88, college: Tennessee) will take the lead at Sporting Clube de Portugal Lisboa, while John Fields (205-F/C-88, college: Tennessee), Nicolas Moore (175-PG-92, college: SMU),Betinho Gomes (202-SG-85) and Quincy Miller-Scott (206-F-92, college: Baylor) (if available…) will take the ropes leading Sport Lisboa Benfica.
FC Porto is the undoubtedly favorite on the other semi final series. They stood in fromnt of Imortal Luzigas Albufeira in regular season, altough when they face both teams come out with a win each. But coming to this final stage, Imortal Luzigas Albufeira will not be able to count with they 2 best rebounding players… This already happens in the quarter finals when they played S.C. Lusitania EXPERT, but one cannot compare the rosters of S.C. Lusitania EXPERT and FC Porto. The secret can lie on the pression that FC Porto will face knowing for a fact that they will be clearly the favorites and that pression can lead to a easy way of thinking and playing that for sure Imortal Luzigas Albufeira will benefit. If by the other hand FC Porto will take each game with strong professionalism and concentration, it’s gonna be very hard for Imortal Luzigas Albufeira to take them out of the Finals. FC Porto will get on Tanner McGrew (203-F-93, college: WVWC, agency: Duran International), Eric Anderson (204-F/C-93, college: New Haven, agency: Duran International) and Larry Gordon (196-F-87, college: CPP) back’s, while Imortal Luzigas Albufeira counts with D.J. Fenner (198-G-93, college: Nevada), Tanner Omlid (196-F-93, college: WOU) and Antonio Monteiro (204-PF-89, agency: Promo Sport ID) to rise above their opponent.


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