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Tanner Omlid

Tanner Omlid

Imortal Luzigas Albufeira and Sporting Clube de Portugal Lisboa will follow thier way into the final after winning over Sport Lisboa Benfica (92-88) and FC Porto (85-77). IMortal surprinsingly but not undeservingly beat Sport Lisboa Benfica. They never let the game go, they believe until the last drop and took a very deserved win over a strondeficit on the 3 ger opponent that today wasn’t capable to keep adavantages of 12 and 11 points at a giving time.
Tanner Omlid (196-F-93, college: WOU) destroyed Sport Lisboa Benfica, he was consistent in both ends of the court, scoring and denying points to his opponents. he finishes with 19 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 6 blocks, 31,5 MVP points, that still doesn’t give him the title of game MVP. That title goes to Quincy Miller-Scott (206-F-92, college: Baylor) that led his team with 21 points and 13 rebounds that gives him 32 MVP points. Although his tremendous performance early in the game, Quincy Miller-Scott (206-F-92, college: Baylor) vanhises in the last quarter, he didn’t appear on his team offense and Sport Lisboa Benfica without him is not the same team…
Honourable mentions to Nicolas Moore (175-PG-92, college: SMU) and Cameron Jackson (203-F/C-96, college: Wofford) in Sport Lisboa Benfica, both with 20MVP points, and D.J. Fenner (198-G-93, college: Nevada) in Imortal Luzigas Albufeira with 19MVP points.

The other semi final, although expected to be a closer game than the first, resulted on a game that Sporting Clube de Portugal Lisboa dominated almost since the beggining.Travante Williams (197-F-93, college: Alaska, agency: Duran International) was the MVp of the game with 22 points and 12 rebounds, but more than these numbers once again he shows true team spirit and strong consistency being the go to guy of the team when the team
needs him. Today he counts with the strong support from Diogo Ventura (193-PG-94) that scored 20 points, but game after game Travante Williams (197-F-93, college: Alaska, agency: Duran International) is the soul of his team. FC Porto made is normal game, having problems when is loosing. The team doens’t deal as well as it should with negativity, and being so it’s hard to turn the result and win games, specially when they face strong opponents. Some nervousness arises and a lack of confidence on the shots make the team loose some easy ones. today Tanner McGrew (203-F-93, college: WVWC, agency: Duran International) was their best performer. with 19 points 5 rebounds and 3 assists. A solid performance of a player that is taking some time to get back to his good shape after the injury of last season.


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